Social Media In South Africa (Entertainers/Artists/Writers) – Part 1

Despite what we think, have heard or perhaps read …. Social Media is still very much in it’s infancy in South Africa. Having had a lot of experience on various social media platforms, including but not limited to .. Facebook.. Twitter …YouTube …Linked In & numerous others …. what I have noted is that :

  • There are very few “social media marketing gurus” in South Africa who actively understand the potential and use of platforms like FACEBOOK. This becomes obvious by the fact that many South African artists have numerous personal profiles and some of them have pages but don’t readily use them, for what they were designed for. The concern with this is that it contravenes FACEBOOK’s policies (Facebook Community Standards) you may not have multiple personal profiles. So all the hard work they have put into obtaining all these “friends“, can be taken away …literally overnight. And if you try dispute it …. ?? To be honest don’t they are not interested and their policies are clearly stated.

So what now ? Well the best way is to create an exchanging Facebook Page that is representative of YOU as an (entertainer,artist,writer) and not just a “profile pic” ? This creates an awful lot of confusion

A slight but subtle change from what looks like a profile to what is known as a page … And people can clearly see the difference. The benefit is that they are more likely to click on a page than your profile &  become a fan because they are

perhaps interested in your music or art or writing … even though they do not know you personally.
However it doesn’t stop there … When a user comes to your page the default setting is your “wall” … the foreseeable concern with this is :

People may have to initially read through reams of wall “news feed” to found out what you are about, who you are, what do you have to offer ?
People spend on average 25min on a platform like facebook & if the don’t initially have something that grabs their attention, the likelihood is that they will move on.       10 top small business designs
No “call to action” or “welcome“. People like to feel special, so why should it be any different when they come to you page … make them feel special …make them WANT to be your FAN …. & this can be achieved in some many ways from the basics to a little innovation :

  • Basic :In essence its an indication to your “FAN” …. hey …this is my page ? What do you think of it ?                                 Would love if you “LIKED” my page & became a FAN …. This can easily be accomplished either by having a static picture with an arrow or whatever you have chosen as an overall …. & perhaps a little “slogan” ?
  • Innovation: With a little innovation & tabs/apps found within facebook you can have a iframe where you can embed a video or a flash format or combinations of these …. where you could personally say “hi” to you potential fans. So they can hear how you sound ? … see what you look like ? Goes a long way to building an trusting, meaningful engagement.
  • Opt-in: Generally used by small to medium business’s, but nothing stops you from capturing a person’s email address’s. And if you really innovative why not do something like … Hey give me your email address’s & download a free song or let me mail you when my next event is happening with directions ?

The options are literally endless. Engage and build up a relationship

What next ?

Well if you are a singer why not have a tab where people can listen to your music or samples ? Or if you want buy & download ? Or you could have a You Tube Video link showing a couple examples of songs you have done or albums you have launched ? If you are a writer … somebody could download excerpts of what you have written … and if they like it the could download your whole book …. or you could have a carousel of artwork you have created on display in a flash carousel type format ….

Make it interesting … may it fresh …make it innovative ….


About doveydragon

Symbol: The Crab Ruling Planet: Moon Quality: Cardinal Element: Water Basic Trait: I Feel Closest Metal: Silver Lucky Day: Monday Lucky Colors: Green, Silver-Grey, Cream and White Lucky Gems: Opal, Pearl and Moonstone Lucky Flowers: Daisies and Wallflowers Cancer zodiac sign has the symbol of 'The Crab'. One of the basic characteristics of a Cancerian is that he is very prone to mood swings, which are matched by changing emotions. At one point of time, you may have seen him in a typical party mood, enjoying himself and laughing at other people's jokes. He may come across as the most extroverted member in the entire group. However, another time, he may be completely introverted, sitting in a corner and lost in his own world. This single personality trait can help you in identifying a Cancer very easily. A Cancerian will never run behind fame and publicity, but if he ever gets it, he definitely knows how to bask in the limelight. In a melancholic mood, he can become the coldest person on this earth and drown you in his bottomless depression. Cancerians are prone to pessimism and usually hide their fears behind a veil of humor. They love to dream and for them, sky's the limit. When he cries, it is because he is deeply hurt from inside. A harsh glance or a rough tone can easily break Cancer's vulnerable heart. When he is hurt, he will either cry his heart out or retreat into a silent spell. However, it is rare that he takes revenge from the one who has hurt him. If a Cancer retreats to his shell, you can be sure he will become completely unreachable. He won't pick his phone, answer the doorbell or even check his mail. Another mood that can engulf a Cancer is a snappy one, or you can say a crabby one. He will hate the world and snap at anything and everything. However, you can be sure he is not angry with you and will soon be his normal self again. While in a conversation, the facial features of a crab will change a number of times, displaying his numerous moods. He has a vivid imagination and at times will drown you in his moods too. Each and every experience affects him and gets engraved in his memory. Cancerians remember everything life has taught them and are true patriots. Past intrigues them and they love to collect antiques, old treasures and ancient relics. They are the perfect keepers of secrets and people automatically confide in them. However, their own thoughts and secrets are strictly off limits for everyone. A typical cancer will never discuss his personal life with anyone. Compassion and intuition gel perfectly with the Cancer profile. He seldom judges people, just soaks up what comes his way and reflects the same. He will never ever give up an object he cherishes, be it a gift from a lover or the worn jeans he loves wearing. Cancerians have a soft heart; they care about people and are quite helpful. However, they wait to see if someone else is helping. If the answer is yes, they will sit back and let the other person be the savior. In case no one comes forward; they will be there to rescue you. A Cancer person may come at the last minute, but he will save you just before you are about to drown. He is not selfish, it just that he never wants to be impulsive. But, he will save you nonetheless. Before he makes any move, a Cancerian must be sure of strong backing. Without it, he hates to venture on his own. He does not forget mistakes easily, especially his own. He will brood over them and take a long time before moving ahead again. Cancerian loves, rather reveres, his home and his loved ones. Too much is not even enough for him. He needs more, more security, more love and more care. Insecurity may lead him to depression and weaken him physically. However, Cancerians have this amazing quality of self-healing. All they require is happiness, optimism and laughter in large doses. They are prone to negative thoughts and are always preparing for the unseen future. The maxim 'Old is Gold' fits perfectly to a Cancer, whether it is the case of people or things. He is also very good at making as well as managing wealth. He has a large heart and will share willingly if his loved ones are in need. However, wastage, especially of food, is sure to tick him off. All the sensitivity of a crab is hidden beneath his hard shell and it will take much care and love to bring him out of his shell and close to you! View all posts by doveydragon

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