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Create a unique LIKE page with Sensible Designs

Have you got a new business, an idea, perhaps a product you would like to sell, but realistically you have no idea as to where you should actually start.

And yes you have heard about facebook with it’s 700 odd million users that seems to be growing leaps and bounds or is it just a fad ?

Is Social Media a fad ?

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Well lets think about that statement for just a moment. According to stats (those geeky guys that put numbers together and come up with something that makes some sort of sense) …. It took 38 years for radio to reach 50 million users … 13 years for tv …internet 4 years …. Facebook less than a year to reach 200 million users !!!

So to answer the question it’s not a Fad !! It’s a social revolution …it’s the new way people get heard whether it is a social or political change !!! Whether its a new product … a new business … a new trend its happening here on so many platforms …

Having had personal experience with the traditional form of contact … i.e. I had bad service with a store … so I emailed them … No or little response … But expose a company on a social platform the experience is quiet different … Not to say that we want to keep on moaning ….because as South Africans we hate to moan …. and like to get “bad service” wasting our hard earned rands ….

But in retrospect what we actually deserve is a product … a business a service that delivers all it promises ….


Well its a business that has recently been established, with a passion for creativity, whose goal & mission is to bring to those making use of it’s service both a unique & rewarding experience.

Why would you use SENSIBLE DESIGNS ?

Our intention is to bring a cost effective solution to the you the business user, whether you are a start – out business or a big player and have not really leveled yourself in the social media theater yet. The innovations are customized to your business…your product …your brand to bring a unique experience to the user that engages with you …

This special experience sets your brand above the rest because it is unique to you and your business and totally different …

Together the experience is blended seamlessly with the existing tools and applications available in “Facebook”

Have a look at our page and engaged with the unique experience we bring you …..

We can be found at : http://www.facebook.com/CreateUniqueLikePagesBySensibleDesigns




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